St. Georges Village Botanical Garden (USVI-SGVBG)

The St. George Village Botanical Garden is a 16.5 acre garden which is planted among the restored buildings and ruins of an 18th and 19th century sugar cane plantation which also overlaps an Amerindian settlement which dates back to c.100 A.D.

The Garden's botanical collections feature over 1,000 varieties of plants that demonstrate the horticultural potential for the U.S. Virgin Islands, while also emphasizing the cultural and historical value of plants as a source of food, medicine, fiber, color dyes, and building material in the Caribbean.

Visitors enjoy a spectacular mix of history and natural beauty with a variety of themed garden areas set among the historic structures of the colonial era sugarcane plantation. The property is listed twice in the National Registry of Historic Sites for both the Amerindian archaeological site and the Danish colonial sugarcane plantation village.

A visit to the St. George Village Botanical Garden provides an opportunity to learn about the natural beauty of the Virgin Islands
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